Expense tracking was a new high level feature/page that we added to the Apartments.com product. We pulled heavily from an existing expense feature on Cozy, but made some stylistic changes to fit with the new brand as well as some usability improvements to make the presentation of information a little clearer.
My roles: Created UI design and InVision prototypes, wrote up spec for development team.
Summary of improvements
• Added more robust filtering options. Includes additional useful criteria such as IRS categories and start/end date. Also has a toggle to collapse filters to save real estate on the page.
Made the expense rows more scannable, by adding a new column for address, and hiding IRS category and optional description by default.
Clarified the concept of split expenses. Before, once an expense was split, the receipt remained tied but there was no easy way to edit all linked expenses in the same group.
 Introduced the ability to duplicate expenses. Managers can speed up their workflow when adding many similar expenses by quickly duplicating and making changes.
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