We worked with the client to redesign their customer facing information portal and make it much more intuitive and easy to use (collaborative team effort).
This project was a great experience as we had the opportunity to chat with current users of the website at the outset. We conducted a series of user interviews with various roles and asked about their pain points, and what they think is working and not working with the current website design. Some of the challenges we discovered were: users were disinclined to accept more work, or learn new things, tasks and priorities were not made clear, users did not feel accountable enough for the tasks, and the site did not do enough to celebrate successes.
After the interviews, we worked through multiple rounds of white boarding, wireframe mapping and concept brainstorming. The project was very complex and we worked hard to fully understand the problem and goals before diving in to design. We sought feedback from internal users and approached everything as an iterative learning process. Our overall goals with the redesign were to: inspire and motivate teams to accomplish items on their to-do list, set teams up for independent success, visually tell the story behind their site’s data, and generate more enthusiasm about interacting with the site.
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