New proposed branding identity for a local land trust. 
The Johnson County Heritage Trust is a local non-profit organization committed to the preservation and enjoyment of natural areas in Johnson County and nearby areas in Iowa. These include prairies, woodlands, wetlands, and sites of historic, archeological or scenic interest.
Inspiration: natural earthy hues pulled directly from native Iowa wildlife. 
Original brainstorm sketches based on simple geometric shapes.
First logo iteration. Abstracted landscape illustration paired with complementary geometric sans serif typeface Neutra- a graceful, contemporary, and highly legible font that is structured and playful at the same time.
Design solution had to be flexible enough to accomodate a likely name change further down the road.
Second logo iteration based on client feedback. Added agricultural lines and a bend in the river.
In collaboration with Matt Steele.
Third logo iteration based on client feedback. Refined river bend and added more detail to the nearer tree.
In collaboration with Matt Steele.
Sample redesign of an event flier with new branding.
Sample signpost designating land trust area.
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