MetaCommunications, a software technology company based in Iowa City, required a new logo and identity system that would modernize the brand and more accurately reflect the company's vision. The old identity was outdated, inconsistent, and cluttered, and was not a good match for a young, growing company making waves in the industry.
My goal with the new identity was to convey a company that is clean, modern, professional, and bold. I designed a combination symbol and word mark solution that allows the logo to be used in different configurations for maximum flexibility. I then created a full suite of matching stationary and business identity materials.

Brainstorming logo ideas based on the ratios of Leonardo daVinci (the namesake of one of our products).

Brainstorming logo ideas based upon geometric shapes.

The final logo design.

The overall logo shape creates an M, while the triangle to the right functions as a C, creating abstract initials for MetaCommunications. The two halves of the symbol's symmetrical shape lean inwards towards each other forming a bridge. Metaphorically, the image represents two people or entities communicating with one another and forming a connection. The shape is megalithic and monumental, implying power, stability and balance. The diagonal lines imbue energy while the subtle rounded corners keep the forms friendly and approachable.
I chose Cyan for Meta's new primary brand color. Blue conveys feelings of trust and hope, and is the unanimous favorite color of people all over the world. Our chosen color Cyan is still in the blue family, but is more vibrant and attention-grabbing compared to traditional corporate navy blues. Cyan has great contrast on both white and black background colors. It is also a familiar color of creative designers everywhere (our target market) since it is a founding color in the CMYK colorspace.
I also created a comprehensive visual brand guidelines document to help educate internal and external stakeholders about the new brand look and design standards.
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