This is a 30 × 22 in 2-run linocut/woodcut relief print (variable edition) printed on Rives BFK paper. The map projection used is based on the Peirce Quincuncial conformal projection. ​​​​​​​
This piece rotates our view of the continents and turns the world into a majestic mountainous landscape. The background layer was printed from a carved piece of linoleum cut into a jigsaw of two pieces. The top layer was etched out of wood by a laser with additional textures added by hand.
Different colors transform the feeling of the landscape.
An earlier variation with a wood jigsaw background of many pieces and the continent layer printed twice (in white and then in green).
Linoleum pieces for the background layer.
This is the laser machine finishing up etching! It took three tries but we finally got it to work correctly- big thanks to lab specialist Tony for all his help!
The finished laser etch with additional texture added by hand.
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